Lip Sync Mapping later in time line

In my audio troubles I am having with toonboom, I am about to add to it.
Toonboom doesn’t seem to like audio files patched together within itself when doing lipsyncing.

Am I doing something wrong?
Lets say I have two short clips of voice. Import one, then the other, for the same character. Whether they are in the same audio layer or seperate, the lipsyncing won’t work for me.

If I grab a piece of one, and cut/paste it to say… character A voice… it won’t work either.
So I have tried putting two layers of audio in, then mapping it to the same drawing layer… This also fails.
This turns into a hassle if I want to have a scene run on for a little bit, and characters are talking back & forth.

Or if a character turns his head, and I need to map the second part of the phrase to a different series of mouths.

Am I doing something wrong here?

When you say “it won’t work” - what do you mean exactly? Do you get an error message? How exactly are you doing it?

I tried it two ways just now and it worked both ways. Try the following:

A) Import the files, then select the frames in the timeline that correspond to the waveform of the audio you’re looking for - drag it to the appropriate place in the timeline. For example if you have multiple audio files, it will look like this, where X indicates a place where there’s a waveform, — indicates the line is flat in that spot:

1 - XXXX-------------------------------
2 - ------XXXXXXXXXXXX-------------
3 - ------------------------XXXXXXXXX

Now, for each sound, do an auto-lip sync detection, then map the lip sync to your drawing layer. This worked for me.

B) Import the sound files separately, then drag and drop one waveform on top of the flat part of the original waveform. After you do this, it will look like this instead:

2 - --------------------------------------
3 - --------------------------------------

Now do an auto lip-sync detection on sound layer 1 only, and map this to your drawing layer.

Were you doing something similar to this?

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