Lip Sync Mapping... 'forgetful'!

Hi. When I map a speech track (assign an element, and assign the names of the drawings) and then re-open the panel to make a change, the positions I assigned have all been ‘forgotten’ by the panel.
Everything is back to dead default.
The drop-down menu is back to an element that is not the one to sync (i.e.: ‘legs’ instead of ‘mouth’ which I had previously assigned), and every phoneme is back to A=A, B=B, C=C etc.
Which means that if I want to simply change one position, I have to redo everything every time. After the third time you do this, you just want to quit.
Shouldn’t this panel at least remember the last sync assignments you gave?

Is this a bug or is it just a flaw?

Hi JoshH,

I was able to modify my lip synch mapping, save the changes and have them re-appear when opening the project again. Perhaps we can figure
out what is happening if you describe the exact steps you are following.

In my case:
1) Import Sound track
2) Create Drawing element
3) Map drawing element to sound
(this will create the default timing)
4) Create mouth shapes for drawings A to X
Create additional mouth shape drawings.
5) Use drawing substitution from Library Window’s
Drawing Selector to choose the replacement frame for any
selected drawing of the element column.
6) Save the project.

Hi Kriz,

when you say ‘Create mouth shapes for drawings A to X’, do you mean I’m supposed to draw AFTER the mapping has been done? That is, draw them in the empty spaces made available by the mapping process? What if I want to work with exiting positions?
I tried lip-syncing mouths I had already available. I did it this way also because it’s what Animate’s User GUide says (page 483: ‘Automatic Lip-sync Detection’).

Fact is, whether you draw them in after or fill them later, the Lip-Syncing Panel does not remember the positions. I did a sync the way you suggested. The Syncing worked all right, but the Mapping Panel is still back to default position when I open it.
And this makes editing and working with the mouth positions really hectic.
Basically, if I want to change even one position in the mapping (mind you: from the Panel, not from the element) every time I open it all positions have gone back to default.

thank you

i too hav a problem…

i want to know does the A - X mapping really is the alphabet and if so how do u add on the other 18 letters…

if not that…how do you map on 9 mouth movements wen toon boom only has 8 spots…

bcuz that has me troubled and i would like to know how i can solve this…it prob is easy but i’m new to lip-syncing…so…help would be nice

It’s not the alphabet; there are only a few standard shapes the mouth uses when talking. Look at the pictures when you do a lip sync mapping and you can see what shapes they are. I don’t think the letters assigned to them have much meaning. For example the “O” mouth you make when you say words with an “oh” sound would be what they are calling “F”. X is when the character is not talking.

Here’s a link with some drawings and the sounds they make:

Here’s a toon boom tutorial with some ideas about manual lip syncing:

ok cool…but i still have 9 positions…how do i manage to get that to eight…

OK, yeah, I forgot Toon Boom has less mouths than the drawing books.
Here’s what they are for (from the manual look around page 578):
•A: m, b, p, h
•B: s, d, j, i, k, t
•C: e, a
•D: A, E
•E: o
•F: u, oo
•G: f, ph
•X: Silence, undetermined sound

This link has a picture with the 8 that are used in toon boom; they’re not quite 100% described the same as the manual:

nice thanx…hope this works… ;D

Also just want to note here that most studios will end up using more than 8 shapes, it’s just that those 8 shapes are the shapes that our software will map automatically. You can have as many shapes as you want to on your mouth layer, it’s just that you’ll have to map in any additional shapes manually using the Drawing Substitution window in the library with your mouth layer selected.