Lip-sync map with mouth poses, correct procedure.

This procedure was proposed by Lilly, (Toon boom support), and I put it here for a quick browsing and common use:

When it comes to lip sync, you’re right that it can only sync to one set of mouths at a time. Also, there is no way to select a frame range for your mapping, so it will map to that whole layer and overwrite any previous mapping you may have done.

I would suggest having two different mouth layers, one that’s a duplicate of the other. One will be your final layer, and the other can be a temporary layer that you use for auto lip-sync. If you have more than one set of mouths on the same layer, then just make sure they’re named A-front, A-side, A-3-4, etc. and then map to that set in your temporary layer. You can calculate the lip sync only once for the scene, then map it to the first set of mouth shapes that you’re interested in on your temporary layer. Then copy and paste this result into your final mouth layer for the frame range you’re interested in.

Then you can go back and do the mapping for the second set of mouths, and then copy and paste these frames in to your final layer. As long as the two layers have the same drawing, by doing a copy and paste all you’re doing is copying and pasting the EXPOSURE of the drawings, so it should work out just fine.