Lip sync library help?

Hello, I know Toon Boom Studio is dead and everybody’s moved on to Harmony or something, but I’m still stuck with it so I’m trying to get the most out of it.
is there a way to make a library or something for lipsyncs for different characters and/or angles? I saw someone do this on Harmony, and I remember even Studio has a little library for lipsyncing stuff, so just wondering how to do this.
I want to make a new set of lipsyncing drawings for a character, and save them so I can use them in an animation. How do I do this? Do I start a new file, do I need to click something special? After that, how do I find them again and import the specific mouth shapes onto my character in an animation? Thanks.

Making a library for lip positions is much the same in Studio as it
is in Harmony.

Generally you would create a mouth layer with 8 mouth position drawings named:

Copy this layer to the library making a template. Then in any scene where the
character is talking you just drag the library into the scene and import the
audio since it’s the audio file that will determine the timing of the drawings
through the automatic lip synch detection.

You need to do the step of mapping the audio file to the mouth layer by right-
clicking on the audio file in the timeline to do the lip-synch mapping.

Thank you! Could you provide any screenshots for this too? I have a better time understanding with visuals. And does this need to be on a new document, or can new lipsyncing be made on the same document the main animation is on?

If you like, I found an old video file doing lip-sync in Toon Boom Studio.
(no sound, it’s all very simple and self-explanatory).