Lip sync is worthless

I own TB Studio and after doing several test with its auto lip sync i’ve come to the conclusion that it doesnt work. I finally gave up and did it manually.

I also own Anime Studio Pro 5 and I have to tell you, that software along with the FREE Papagayo is absolutely AMAZING at lip sync!!

What took me an hour to do in TBS took about 10 minutes in ASP5/Papagayo and the end results in ASP5 were stunning.

What really blows me away is I downloaded Solo and tried it out over the last 2 days and it has the same broken lip sync automation!

What gives? I mean, papgayo is FREE and DESTROYS TB’s lip sync hands down!

every software package has its strong and its weak features.

there is a ‘suggestion for toon boom studio’-section and it would be more constructive if you place your complaints there with exact description what you want to have and what annoys you.