lip-sync greyed out

I seem to have problems with the lip sync.
I import a movie (which I made in after effects - rendered to mov) and sound (mp3).
I have a character in my library for the lip syncing which i put on the stage.
But when i try to do “auto lip sync detection” I can’t, because it’s greyed out.
And I do have the sound layer selected…
After randomly trying anything (hiding layers, opening the sound element editor, …) it’s suddenly clickable again and I can continue using the lip sync.
When I first started using this program this was no problem at all, it suddenly appeared.
I really don’t know what causes it to grey out…

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you for your answer! This helps me to get a step forward!
But it’s not totally solved yet…
I can do the “auto lip sync detection” anytime now, but I’m still having trouble with the “map lip sync” button. Even if I do the auto lip sync detection, select the audio layer, I sometimes cannot click the “map lip sync” button. It seems totally random…
I keep selecting and deselecting the layer, and after x amount of tries it suddenly appears… Which is pretty annoying…

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

When you try to do lip synch detection, I always like to do this from the Sound Editor so that I can preview what it does. Double-click on the music note on your sound layer in the timeline so that it pops the Sound Editor. Then click once on the sound in the top box to select it. Right-click on the sound and do Auto Lip-Sync Detection. Now you can play back to preview.


Try clicking on the first cell in your sound layer and then right-clicking on top of it.