Lip sync doesn't work

I’ve made a test scene with just two layers for a face and a mouth. Trying to assign lip sync to the mouth applies it to the wrong layer. Please fix lip sync, it’s an important feature.

Does lip sync work for anybody in the latest version?

Somebody please fix it, lip sync is a very important thing

I’m experiencing this problem, too. I’m running Toon Boom Harmony 20 Essentials on Windows.

One workaround is to move the mouth layer to the layer position where the mouth shapes are being applied to. Then, after the mapping is finished, I move the mouth layer back to where it needs to be.

So if the layers are like this:

sound layer

mouth layer

face layer <— lip sync applied to wrong layer

and if the lip sync is applying the mouth shapes to the face layer, we can switch the order of the layers, then apply the lip sync to it, and then move the mouth layer back.

sound layer

face layer

mouth layer <---- move mouth layer, then apply lip sync

It’s an annoying workaround and hopefully it’s fixed soon.

Click mapping and adjust the ‘Destination layer’ to your lip sync frames, this should work.

This is still happening to me, I thought it was my fault as i’m only a month into toonboom, but I’ve seen recently others are having problems. I have large amounts of audio i want to use auto lip sync with, but whatever i do it applies to the wrong layer. Has anyone found a soloution?

I am also having this issue. I tried re-ordering the layers as someone suggested earlier, but it still assigns the lip sync to the wrong layer. Toon Boom, please fix this.

I was right about to post about the same issue, which seemed to occur randomly at first, but now seems permanent.

Any working tweak while waiting for a future fix ? Tried to switch the mouth layer and the one to which the mapping wrongly applies (which sort of used to work), with but no effect so far.

Having the same problem I do the lip sync and select the mouth layer and it defaults to arm 1. thought it was me untill I read this is there an upgrade yet

I am also experiencing the same issue. Has this not been fixed yet. I’ve had to open the file using a much older version of Harmony and it worked just fine.

Also having this issue. Tried on multiple different files, even made fresh scenes with test audio and basic mouth shapes made. Still not working. Windows 10 and Harmony 20 premium. Really frustrating as I need the lip sync for a placement project I am currently working on!

So this was a icicle in my eyes because I had something new and it didn’t work. But the solution? I still have harmony essentials. (the blue one, not the teal one) so I pull my project into that one and voila…it’s working. So temporary fix for this until the green one gets fixed. :+1:

Also upon further noticing, it seems the mouth shapes were linked to the right eye of the character. So that’s definitely a problem. Anyone could perhaps knows how to fix that in the teal one, please let me know.

I haven’t had issues using Lip-Sync in Harmony 20.
Buglee even posted the answer above (June 30).

I’ll link the Lip-Sync documentation to help out.

This is definitely an issue. Buglee post does not fix the issue, as we ARE mapping to a specific destination later. When you choose a layer as the Destination layer, Harmony maps it to a completely different layer. I have replicated this across several machines with my students.

I spent the better night revisting this issue and was able to reproduce it in Harmony 20 but not 21, that I could see. Lip-Sync Mapping is bugged in TBH20 mapping to the wrong destination layer, as others have posted. Best to contact support.

I had the same problem but finally I found a solution (I guess). Before you insert the sound file, lock all the other layers expect the mouth layer. After you open the map lip sync, it will automatically choose the mouth layer. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: