lip sync destination layer

Have 2 characters and 2 backing tracks, when lip syncing, the destination file keeps defaulting back to character 1 when trying to change to destination file foe character 2, Have even tried deleting all sound files except character 2 still defaults back to character 1. Also have to quit out of Harmony 14 for dialogue to sync properly. Any ideas anyone.

Any example scene?

In genearal, with a sound layer, you can generate auto-lipsync which will create a mouth chart or timing based on 8 phonemes (ex, A to G and X for no sound) in Harmony.
And then you will Map lipsync to the mouth layer of the character which will be done in sound layer. In other words, check the map option of sound layer which is pointing it to right mouth layer.

Have done all that, but the destination file of 2nd character (character 2) keeps defaulting back to the original character (character 1), instead of its own character lips layer(character 2).
It is within a parent group for the head. It is possible to have 2 characters having a conversation in Harmony?, actually have 3 dialogues going on, but only 2 characters on screen and also a backing track.