lip sync cels empty?

I drew 8 mouth forms on a layer, followed the directions in the Animate Getting Started guide "Chapter 11 Sound and Lip-Sync."

The problem is after selecting the sound layer and going to Animation–>Lip-Sync–>Map Lip-Sync on the menu I am presented with empty cels. My drawing substitution window is empty.

I noticed that in the Timeline Data view my cels are numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
and the map lip-sync set their names alphabetical.

I tried changing my mouth shapes to alphabetical names a-g but they too vanished and would not come back until I gave them their numeric names.

I have repeated my steps but I get the same result. What wrong here?

Thank you.

The map lip-sync shows you the drawings cells to make a lip-sync named as A-B-C-D-E-F-G-X if his drawings are named 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, then, rename it in the right side of the map list: A as 1, B as 2 and so on, in coincidence. This
change the map destination drawings to 1-2-3-etc. as you named it.
Remember select the correct destination layer in the upper list. Regards.


If you just tried to rename on the xsheet by changing the value all you were doing was inserting a drawing called “A” which is why you original dissapeared. Go to the timeline, right click and you should be able to rename your drawings that way.

Probably you only have changed the original numbered name, by selecting the number and renamed A-B-C etc, this not exactly rename the same drawing, this action creates a new drawings named A-B-C… but with blank content. To rename the same drawing you need select the drawing in timeline or x-sheet and press Ctrol+D. If you do not want rename the drawings, the reassing names in the map lip-sync window works very well. Two ways to return his dissapeared drawings. Don´t worry all drawings are yet in the drawing element.


I work with Animate, not Pro.
I tried renaming the frames of a symbol in the Data view (to the right of the timeline) and they vanished.

I tried renaming them in the X-sheet, they still vanished.

I need to make a video of this so you guys can see for your selves huh?

I tried selecting a frame going to Animation in menu selecting “rename drawing” or Ctl+Alt+D and renaming each drawing. No dice.
The software will not recognise numbers.

I even tried going into the symbol, creating another layer, naming all the cells in advance and then copying and pasting the drawings from one layer to the next. Then deleting the old numbered frame layer. No dice again!

When I bring a mouth symbol into the camera view. I can see all the drawings. Everything looks fine until I select the mouth layer in Lip-Sync Mapping interface.
The names are there but the drawings are gone.

The only time a mouth works is if I made a template out of the corrected symbol. Then in a new project the mouth shapes turn out just fine, perfect syncing!

I have considered that maybe my file is corrupt. But I have learned a lesson here: Always pre-name the frames when drawing mouth shapes because if I don’t I get stuck in this same hole again.

If you are using symbols you can’t rename, they are always just numbers. You can only rename drawings.

If you are using mouth numbered 1-8 or named A-X into a symbol, as said TheRaider, finally, when you assign the map to the symbol the result is numbered frames in the symbol that regards correspondance with the drawing content of the symbol, numbered named or not.
You need put attention in the two fields in the upper side of the map window: Destination Layer and Symbols in Layer. The first, the name of the symbol that contains the drawings to map, the second if you choose: Don´t use any Symbol, no mapping symbol occur, you need select in the drop down list, the name of the layer that the symbol contains, and the numbered assignation is done in the symbol as swapping symbol cell.
I normally don´t use any symbol when have a layer with lipsync destination, I use a pure drawing layer to do so. I recommend you this.
Sometimes in Animate 1, when I have expanded the symbol to recover the pure drawings in main timeline, the drawings don´t show me any content, in these case, I´d simply renamed these drawing layer and the drawings has been showed again, then I mapped normally without the symbol ( In Animate 1 wasn´t possible map symbols). Marie Eve has explained the best solution at the moment for use the software: don´t use symbols if not is necessary, and not use symbols on symbols. Nesting drawing elements the result is very similar and more less complex. Good luck.


I should add I also have a lip sync tutorial in my youtube channel which shows the process to go through.

The guys are absolutely right, that do rename a drawing you need to right-click on a cell in the xsheet and select Drawing > Rename Drawing. What happens is if you just double-click on a cell and put a new value, it’s not renaming that cell to A, what it’s doing is it’s saying “Can you show me the drawing labelled A right now?” So it switches it to drawing A, which is blank because you haven’t drawn anything in it yet.

Another thing that you can do is instead of renaming your drawings, when you do the Map Lip Sync, simply write down the corresponding name of the drawing in the right hand side - that’s what these frames are for. So if your mouth A is named 1 in your xsheet, then put a 1 for A. 2 for B, and so on.


Ah you should have mentioned earlier that you were using a symbol!

Are you using Animate 1 or Animate Pro 1? Or Animate 2 or Animate Pro 2?

First as Yoryo said it is not possible to map lip sync to a symbol in 1. In 2, this ability has been added. So first thing to check is to make sure you’re on the right version.

If you are on version 2, then we can proceed.

When you try to map lip sync to a symbol layer in 2, what happens is you need to first select the layer that has the symbol in it from “Destination Layer”. In my case, I dragged and dropped a symbol called “mouth” into my scene, so I need to select “mouth” for Destination Layer.

Then I need to also select “mouth” for the Symbols in Layer dropdown list.

Now when I do this, my lip sync mapping automatically remaps so that A goes to 1, B goes to 2, etc. So if I just click OK, it maps just fine - there’s nothing else I need to do. I don’t need to rename any drawings.

In fact, if you do rename drawings inside your symbol, it won’t make any difference! Let me explain.

Inside a symbol, there could be many drawing layers. When you are swapping a symbol, it’s going to swap ALL the drawing layers inside the symbol. Because it can’t distinguish just to swap one or another. Now, you might only have one drawing layer inside your symbol, but nonetheless, the principle is the same.

Since it can’t distinguish between layers inside the symbol, when you map to a symbol, what you’re actually doing is telling it “Go to the first FRAME in Symbol mouth”, then “Go to the second FRAME in the Symbol mouth”. So the name of the drawings inside will make absolutely no difference.

Try just leaving them as A → 1, B → 2, etc. and see how it comes out. Unless inside the symbol you have the mouths on a different set of frames.

Let me know if this helps.