Lip sync audio

Stupid question but, I’m confused. Say I’m having a conversation with 3 people. Do I adjust the audio beforehand and have character A, B, and C’s audio all in separate files(so there’s 3 files total) or individually import each character’s sentence making 50+ files?

Hey Ace!

If you plan on using the auto-lipsync feature, the audio should be separated on different audio tracks (1 for each character. The same would go for music, sound effects and so on.)

Harmony offers the possibility of adjusting the sound, but the editing is limited. You can select a portion of the sound and move it around. If there is background noise, some clipping may show in the sound file when moving parts and reorganizing the different sounds. You may also adjustthe volume. If the sound is already positionned on a single file and needs no editing and you plan on manually doing the lipsync, then it is no issue to have it all on a single file.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have additional questions. :slight_smile: