Lip Sync and Phonemes

This has been asked elsewhere, but it doesn’t seem to be answered anywhere.

Could someone PLEASE tell me what sounds (phonemes) match up whit what TBS mouth shapes (A-G, X). It’s kind of mind blowing that this information doesn’t appear to be available anywhere.

Here’s what I’ve got:

A: "Mmm"
B: ?
C: ?
D: ?
E: ?
F: "Ooo"
G: “Fff” and "Vvv"
X: Rest

Little help?

When I’m unhappy with the way Toon Boom breaks it down, I re-check it with my old (not Pro) version of Magpie. If you do it manually with Magpie, you can use as many visemes as you want, but the Pro version has only 8 as well to refer to when it does automatic lip synch. I imagine you could run the auto on it, then run back in and tighten it up some manually. I like the way Magpie works much better than the TBS sound editor.