Lip Sinc'n and Renaming

I was wondering if anyone here had some advice. I am doing some audio lip sinc, and when you draw your A,B,C,D,E,F,G, and X lip sequences, you always have to rename your sequences from 1-7 to the letters. It consumes a lot of time to have to rename them for all the lip movements.

Why doesn’t the software automatically label your files to A-X rather than have to renumber them every time you draw your lip movements?

Any ideas?


Because this only makes sense for the lip sync and not other normal drawings.

It only make sense? To have to relabel them, it is like it is registering each lip movement in the auto-lip since when you do this. It just seems so time consuming …
That was the tutorial instructions I watched to relabel them A-X, … as it auto registers them through 1-7…

Ah well back to the lip drawing board.

Every single new drawing is created using numbers. If you absolutely want the mouth drawings to be labeled using letters, here’s a little workaround that would spare you the renaming step…

  1. Create your new drawing element and name it. (Lips, for example)
  2. Select the Xsheet View
  3. Double-click on the first cell of your Lips element
  4. Type “A” and press enter.
  5. Continute to type in your B, C, D, E, F, G and X letters and press enter after each entry.
  6. Switch to the Drawing View and select your empty drawing one by one and draw.

So, instead of creating a new drawing each time you actually draw on the element, you will have empty drawings already labeled and you simply fill them with your drawing…

But for example if you draw a head and it is labelled A-X it is like why?

I get what you are saying though.