Lip sinc lag

Hello, I have got a little cartoon where I have the guy talking for about 2 minutes. When I export it to a movie the lip sinc seems to lag behind the sound towards the end. I have tried both .avi & .mov formats, and they seem tied in this aspect. Would breaking the monolog into three different elements help? Is there a practical limit to how long someone can talk. Thanks

I’ve found that the longer a clip is, the more likely the synch is to get goofy. One solution is to break your sound clip up in the timeline so you have separate elements for every 15 seconds or so.

check out this Wiki article on the subject: page/lip+synching

Another thing to check is the box that says “streamed” in the edit sound window. If this is unchecked your sound will get out of synch. If it’s not happenning until near the end of your file then the box may already be checked & it be just a matter of how long the clip is, but just another possibility.

Good luck

Thanks I’ll give it a try and report back on the results. If you want to see my attempt check, on you tube for “Used Car Guy On Larry Craig.” The animation is not so good. Hey, I’m still learning. But it’s pretty funny.