I’ve got several short separate parts of animations I’d like to link all together to make one continuous animation in Studio 4. Can anyone help with how to do this? Thanks!

I’m assuming your animations are in separate projects. I would pick out which project I want to go first, then add a new scene. Then I would open up Toon-Boom again (so now you’ve got 2 Toon-Booms running), then open the project that you would like to appear next and copy the whole thing. Return to the 2nd scene of the first Toon-Boom instance and paste that into that scene. If that works for you just keep creating scenes and copying into them. Once you render it as a movie the scenes will follow one after the other. Hopefully that will help.

Dear Mr. Fritz - thanks for the input. Actually, the separate projects are like chapters of one large project. The completed version will be around 1 hour long. Would copying and pasting still work with a project that large? Thanks!

Toon Boom Studio has a library management system that was specifically created to provide an easy way to collect and reuse or reorganize your art work and animation assets. It allows you to store art work as simple as a single cell or as complex as an entire scene in the form of a template.

A template can then be pulled from the library and added to any point on any timeline in an open animation project. You can then modify that copy of your template in your project without changing the original template in your library.

So using the library management system is an excellent technique for collecting and re-assembling bits of animation. The larger the project you are producing, the more you will want to break it up into smaller projects and the more you will want to use the Global library to store those bits of work to facilitate reuse and re-arrangement for putting together the pieces. -JK

Thanks! I’ll try it. I’m still learning my way around this - so far, it’s pretty great! Thanks for your help!