linking sound to panels

Hello, beginner question: does anyone know if it’s possible to link sound to a panel or a scene so that you can edit scènes / panels order without losing your audio sync?

Here’s my method,
split the audio track at the beginning of the panel where a new block of dialogue starts.
For safety I split each consecutive vocalisation across two alternating tracks , you will see why when you start to do it.

That will lock the start of the audio at the split to the start of the panel.

Split at each character or larger block unless you want to carefully re-time the audio for that block of dialogue.
Make use of the audio tracks and break all it up over a few ( but as few as you can).
Character 1: track 1
Character 2: track 2
Sfx: track 3
Score:track 4

Try to stick to just 2 character tracks even if there are many voices , the only purpose of breaking it up across tracks when starting with one dialogue track is the stop each clip bumping up and spoiling its neighbour’s edit point during the process… trust me you will see what I mean.

Split your track segments at the scene/panel borders and turn on the lock icon on the audio track. Now when you move scenes/panels, the audio should move with them.