linking parameters

Is there a way in Harmony or Animate Pro to link one parameter to another. So for example. I have the facial features of a head (eyes nose and mouth) under a peg. I can do a head turn by moving the peg left of right. Now I need the head shape to change as I move the peg. That shape change is accomplished with a series of drawings. So… I want to link the head shape sequence w/ the movement of the peg. When I move the peg the facial features move with it and the head shape sequence updates. This is easily accomplished in a 3D program but now sure if Harmony has this ability. This is just one example and I know there are other ways of doing a head turn but this kind of linking is extremely useful for all sorts of things.

I was wondering if you could use expressions to do that. But what you are looking for is automatic drawing substitutions on one layer based on the peg positions of another one, is that it? You can link parameters with expressions, which allow complex mathematical operations. So, you can have an expression applied over peg parameters and having an effect change based on that expression or having several movements/positions changing in relation to the main layer’s position. But I don’t think you can actually have an operation to be translated on drawing numbers on a drawing layer.

Luis Canau

Yeah, could be doable with some sort of complex expression.
What would be really great is some sort of node based system like Maya’s node editor, Cinema 4D Xpresso or Softimage ICE.

ToonBoom’s rigging and network view are good for simple things but when creating really complex rigs, constraints and relationships between objects the 3D programs are extremely powerful.

If you make your functions public, they can then be selected for use by other elements and pegs in the element (or peg) editor. Sharing functions is explained in the Stage user guide - Animation Paths Chapter - Animation Paths - Function Curves - Sharing Functions

You would need to create action templates for your character. This involves setting up the action once in a scene using your main character template and then keyframing the sequence. You would select the keyframed sequence to make a template. This template can then be dropped into any sequence (make sure to add a keyframe on the last frame before and first frame following the section where it is inserted).

sounds interesting thanks!

It would be great if we could use python. Coming from 3D, that’s the language that’s used universally.