Linking Drawing Numbers?

Heya all –

I was just wondering if there is a way to link drawing numbers across drawing columns. So if you change the drawing number in one column, the linked column changes number as well.

Thanks in advance!


You can do that in Harmony but not in Animate or Animate Pro.

That’s great, I’m using Harmony. How do I got about linking the layers?



Actually I take it back as the way that used to work now has a problem. I just tried to do it on Windows and I get an error message when moving the exposed cells.

I used to use the Link to Image and then link the second layer to their images and finally use the same timing column for both elements.

Anyway it was a fragile setup because if you moved the scene or renamed it or the elements, the link was broken.

Maybe someone has another idea that I didn’t think of.

Lilly – exactly. I’ve been trying to avoid the copy paste solution, and I’m just surprised you can’t share drawing values. Seems like it would be so simple.


Well you can just adjust the exposure on one column, then select all and copy and paste into the other. I know it’s not linked, but at least the exposure gets copied.

I’ll have to think about this one to think of a more elegant solution. I know you can link functions together but drawings I haven’t tried to do.