Link to Harmony Documentation from Welcome screen?

New to Harmony Stand-Alone here, and enjoying it a lot. Quick question-

I downloaded the Harmony 10 Stage User Guide and run it in Acrobat, which is OK. But there’s a link on the lower right of the Welcome to Toon Boom Stage startup screen that should take me to Harmony Documentation. It does launch my browser, but it doesn’t find the docs.

Any suggestions how I can rectify this?

Thanks for your reply, Lilly. I’m on Mac (Mac OS 10.8.2, Safari browser)

Yes, the Toon Boom Harmony 10/Documentation directory includes a folder named “content” as well as nine .htm files for the other Harmony modules (I’m using Stand-Alone, so Stage). When I read Toon Boom Harmony Stage User Guide.htm it’s the same as when it gets called from the Welcome screen – no links to other content.

If I drill deeper into content/Content/Stage_Guide/ I can read any one of the other html files, and their hyperlinks are valid, but there’s no overall navigation links as I would expect to find on that top level page.

Sorry for this. It’s not a deal-breaker, because I’ve downloaded the PDF guide and I’m getting on, but I just wondered if there’s something that I don’t understand.


Can you check to see if the documents were installed correctly? Are you on Windows or Mac?

If you go the Application’s directory, then in the Documentation folder, there should be some files with a .htm extension. Are those files there?