Link to External Image (Toon Boom Animate Pro2)

Hello everyone and a happy new year to you all!!

I have a small confusion here.
When I tried Toon Boom Animate Pro2 (long before my purchase; I guess mid 2012) while importing images for the background, I thought I saw an option of LINKING to an image in which case the image will always be automatically updated. However, I am looking for that function with the full version and could not find it anywhere.
Can someone help me here?

Was there / or IS there such a function with Toon Boom Animate Pro2? or am I mistaking the software with another.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help Dreams 2013_TBF.png

Regards and all the best for 2013!

Try the External module.

Linking images is in Harmony only not in Animate and Animate Pro.

The External module is a different thing altogether, it’s for using an external program to process an image. You need to point it to a program that works in command line like ImageMagik.