link external palette

Hi, I am going to get to the point.

I make a folder for a main palette lists.
Then I copy the Element Palettes and paste them in to that folder.
When I link external palette to my new scene. If i change the color, will it apply too all scene that link to that same external palette? Or I still have to go to each scene and change color?

also does it need to be Element palette or can be any palettes? As far as I’m concern right now. It seems that both doesn’t make any different to me… Can some one proof me wrong?

Thanks for all help in advance. :slight_smile:

Is this a Harmony question or Animate Pro? Harmony questions should be directed to

This method should work. Are you facing a problem here or simply clarifying your workflow?

There is no difference between an Element palette or a Scene palette. The only difference is whether it shows up in the element palette list or in the scene palette list.

The Scene palette list is mainly used in Cutout style animation, because you will have many drawing layers (for the body parts of your character) that will all be sharing the same palette.

The Element palette list makes more sense for traditional. In traditional you will have different layers, and each of those layers might be using different palettes. It helps to clean up the workspace if, when you have an element selected, it only shows the palettes for that element.

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