Link Existing Database - What do I need?

Hi there.

My situation: I worked for a small creative studio where we were using Toon Boom Harmony 9.2 (with perpetual license). After a few years we had to shut down the studio and we left with few Macs and Harmony database (with a lot of stuff). After a 2 years of not doing any animation jobs and database gathering dust I decided to buy monthly-paid plan for Harmony 17. I am not able to use Harmony 9.2 anymore since it is not supported on OS Mojave.

My question: I would love to connect my external hdd with datbase on it and use it on new Harmony 17. What do I need for that? I already have Harmony 17 Essentials (I pay for it every month) however as far as I was able to find out I need Harmony 17 Advanced at least. I downloaded it and start using it as trial, but there is no option to choose whether I want to work offline or connect to a database. After clicking on Harmony icon my standalone version simply starts.

Could you give me any insight on how those things work and what do I need if I want to connect my old database, link it to Harmony Server and work with it? I am trying to solve this for the last year and I am so desperate.

Thanks for any response.


You will have to contact Toon Boom for this. Sometimes this forum is monitored by a Toon Boom employee, sometimes not given all the SPAM here this is a “not” period. I doubt a user (this is a user forum) will have specific information regarding your situation. Good luck. or

Thank Ampy.

I was already contacted by tech support and I am waiting for economic dept to contact me.

Anyway, thanks for the response.
At least now I know how this forum works :slight_smile:

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