I was wondering if there’s a way that lines (brush or pencil) can stay the same thickness when I zoom in on them. For example:

I have a fully drawn character with certain lines thickness - I want to zoom camera in on his face, but would wish the lines have same thickness as they have when he is fully shown.

I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you in advance.

There is line thickness feature in Animate Pro (not Animate) that you can set constant line thickness from layer properties>Advanced tab. To do that, you need to use the brush line and needs to have a stroke in the color art to work with lien thickness option.

Note: It is effects that can be shown in the render view since ‘Enable variable line thickness’ option from Preferences>OpenGL tab has been disabled by default. Enabling this, you can see the changes of line thickness in real time in OpenGL view but turn it off when you are not viewing line thickness in OpenGL view (ex, scene planning) since it will be slower in display due to calculation of the line thickness.

Note2. There is an also possible of bulky lines or balls show up on the line when you use the high number of parameter when two lines are met (ex, pointy edge) which is normal since the calculation of the line is determined by the stroke in the color art. If you have extreme zoom in that may be visible of the balls shows, redraw it on another drawing with thinner line (or duplicate->convert to pencil line->make it thinner->convert back to brush line with stroke in the color art) and shows it the drawing with thinner line when there is extreme zoom in.

Too bad, I only have Animate, not Pro. I’ll try your tips, even though it will be harder since I need to animate the zooming.

Still, thanks for your help! Much appreciated!