Lines not being rendered out on my tablet

I downloaded the trial version a few days ago and I have yet to start using the program because of every time I take the toonboom window over to my tablet, no line get drawn out, It doesn’t matter if I use mouse or stylus or what tool I use, nothing shows up in the project. But all the lines I drew on my tablet get visible if I drag the window over to my laptop screen, and on the laptop, I can also draw with the mouse and lines appear.

I have tried downloading the newest driver for my tablet and switched around on what is the main screen.

I have a predator helios laptop and a Wacom Cintiq 14 tablet

Did you download also the latest drivers for the Graphics Chip? I have no idea what kind of laptop is that, but laptop chips like those built by intel tend to cause a lot of problems like that.

After updating the graphics driver, try to check the OpenGL options on Preferences.

Other thing you can do is to calibrate your Cintiq with Windows.