Lines look bad

Hi guys, I recently got a new laptop for animating, but the lines on toon boom are nowhere near as smooth as they should be.

This is what they look like. I have pretty much identical settings I did before, but they should definitely look smoother than this.

These are my settings. If there is any more information I can provide, I’ll be happy too. Sorry if this is an amateur question.

Thanks a lot!

No matter what happens, you are not supposed to use both Real-Time Antialiasing and Full Scene Antialiasing.
The Real-Time Antialiasing is calculated in Animate Pro by resizing by such a number (you have set 50 which too large) to create a antialiasing. Normally 4 works well (which means it enlarge 4 times and then scales back to 1 to create an antialiasing) but put 2 if the video card is weak. More than 4 will slow down more compare to the result.
The Full Scene Antialiasing is used by the setting from your video card. In Nvidia, set ‘Antialiasing - mode’ to ‘override any application setting’ to 4 (or 2 if you have weaker video card). And then restart Animate Pro will use the video card setting.
The issue is that if both of the options are checked at the same time, it will conflict so you need to use only one of them.
I personally use Full Scene Antialiasing setting by setting an option in video card works nice but I am not sure if your laptop has a video card supporting full OpenGL but start using only one no matter what to avoid any problem for the display.