Lines disappear on frame on layer above imported png sequence

I imported a png sequence to Animate timeline.
Then I created a drawing layer ‘top’ on top of the layer with imported image sequence.
The goal was to draw on top of draft images of imported animation sequence.
Then I faced a problem.
When I create a frame on ‘top’ layer, drawings on it are seen only when I disable ‘draft’ layer.
When ‘draft’ layer is visible I don’t see lines made on ‘top’ layer which is above ‘draft’ layer.
Documentation doesn’t explain this feature but this is a problem.
Did you face with such a kind of things? How did you overcome it?
Thanks a lot for your answer!

Here are the screenshots.For example in Flash this trick doesn’t cause any problem.You import draft animatic on a layer, create a layer above and draw on it. That’s all!But in Animate 2 I found out that it’s not that simple! )[url=] looks like my lines are situated below image sequence layer. But I DRAW ABOVE IT![url=]

The problem is partly solved with activation of ‘current drawing on top’ option in ‘camera’ floating menu.But I still don’t understand why drawing that I made on a top layer is invisible until I activate this option even when a frame with this drawing is current.

What graphic card and platform are you on? Seems like a display problem in the OpenGL view.

PC platform.Graphic card is Radeon X1950Pro.

There’s been problems with the Ati Radeon in the past so it could be this unsupported card. Can you try that scene on another machine that has an NVidia card or if you make that scene available we could try it on our machines. You could even just create a new scene with just one image so that it’s light for us to try.

Hmm I’m having a hard time visualising this one. Do you think you can include a screenshot or two? You can upload your screenshots to a free site like Photobucket and then post the link here.


If you want to mail us a scene to try, you can send it to