Lineart deformed by curve deformer - VIDEO-


I am using curve deformers for the first time and it is not working as I see in the tutorial videos.

My curve deformer is messing up my lineart.
I tried to put everything in the lineart layer, and also separate color and lineart. Still this happens.

Please take a look at the video.

It must be something I am not doing right, since this is the first time I use the curve deformer.


Is your line made of pencils or brushes ? Pencils give better results. Also try the render mode (colored flower in the camera view) to see if it’s a display bug or the drawing that breaks.

And a tip for the line deformer : When building, from the 2nd point, click and drag towards the point before to automatically have your tangents in the right direction and with the length you need.

Thank you foxbeldin,
I haven’t try your recommendation.
Nut will keep that in mind.
Next time I will use pencil instead of brush.