Line Width Question?

Hi I’m fairly new to Toon Boom, and I was wondering is there any way to change the width of a line or polyline? I ask because there are some lines that I want to be thinner than they are at current, and I dont want to have to re-draw everything. I couldn’t find any tutorials on this, so I just thought that I would ask. Thanks in advance.

Changing the width of a line drawn with one of the line tools (pencil, ellipse, rectangle, polyline, line) is very easy. You just select (using the drawing select tool, keyboard short cut 1) the line or lines that you want to change. Then you select a pen on the “pen” palette and using the slider you change the value of the “maximum size” setting for that pen. The selected line or lines will change as you move the “maximum size” slider so you can visually decide on the desired line width. -JK

Thank you so much.