Line way off from where the cursor is

I’m using Harmony 14 Advanced and Harmony is the only program I’ve had an issue like this with.
When I try to draw a line, the cursor is in the right place, but the line that appears way above my cursor. I’ll move the pen an inch to the left or right and the line moves way more than I moved the pen.
Can anyone help me fix this?
I’ll link a video showing whats going on.

Hey vrexus, I’ve been having issues with my Yiynova on the dual monitors set up as well. I am currently in the market for a bigger screen though and wanted to know what model Huion you had. If you want you can send an email to: . I have been contacting Yiynova as well hoping that they create a fix on their products as well. In the meantime, I am curious about your process in contacting the Huion company and resolving your issue as well. Please feel free to email me.

I have the same tablet, you can only use one monitor as far as I know

Are you using a non wacom tablet? If you are unplug the 2nd monitor and try without it.

Try one of these solutions. It should work.

Luis Canau

Yeah, I have a Yiynova tablet. I’ll try unplugging the other monitor

I’ve got two monitors and the tablet, so 3 monitors.
I tried disconnecting the other two one at a time and that didn’t work. Disconnecting everything except the tablet ended up making everything work just fine in Harmony.
Which I guess is a solution. It’ll be annoying not having my other monitors while I work, but I guess its better than not being able to use the program

After going thru the posts that were linked in the post you linked, I have discovered that it is probably because my tablet is not a Wacom tablet. I found a solution thats not ideal but I guess is better than nothing

Yeah it’s the same problem i came across when I was using non wacom. You can disable the monitors instead of physically removing them. The only people who can fix it aren’t toonboom though, but the driver makers of your tablet/graphic display. You have to talk to them and make you a custom fix to prevent this (huion did it to fix harmony/multi screen).