Line tool nightmare...Newbie at work...

Every time I draw a Line and the line over laps a previous line they both automatically get grouped together. So when I try to edit just one line the entire group of lines is selected.

I’ve gone through the help files but I can’t find anything that covers this problem.

I know it’s probably something simple and it’s killing me that I can’t solve it on my own.

Any help would be greatly appreciated… Thank you!!

Refer to this page in the Toon Boom Studio Wiki Draw Top Layer to get a better understanding of the drawing modes in TBS. You currently have Draw Top Layer enabled so you will want to disable it from the Tools menu. But read the Wiki pages to really get a better understanding of when you want to use draw top layer and when you don’t.-JK

Jesus I knew it would be something that easy.

Thanks JK

I should have done this yesterday…hehe ahhhhh

thanks again…