Line thickness


My name is Kallis and I´m trying to learn ToonBoom studio.
My question is:
Is there some way of changing the thickness of lines drawn with the pencil tool? Say, if I drawn a character and want thicker lines…



Line thickness is controlled by the selected pen definition as displayed in the “Pens” panel. There are two settings “min” and “max” which are used to define the relative sensitivity to pen pressure on your Wacom tablet. That is for the brush tool which uses tablet pen sensitivity.

The line tools are not pen sensitive and therefore the pencil line thickness is set by the “max” setting only. To change pencil line thickness you change the “max” setting. The setting is in pixels so the larger the number the thicker the line. A setting of 0 (zero) converts lines to strokes which are invisible. To change the thickness of existing lines that you have already drawn, select the lines first then change the “max” setting on the current selected pen definition. -JK

Aha, that was easy!
Thanks for the quick reply!