Line thickness script

Hello there,

The studio I was working for recently had a script (provided by ToonBoom) to adjust the line thickness in compositing by accessing Layer properties/Advanced/Line Thickness/etc. for all elements at once.

Now that I’m working at home with Harmony Standalone, I can’t find this script at all. Maybe it’s there and I’m not looking hard enough, our it as an unlikely name? Or is it something ToonBoom will provide independently?

I would appreciate any help that will let me adjust line thickness in one go. There’s just to many layers to this one element at a time…


Hi, Alx,
If the script is not in your home harmony standalone, you can copy the script from your office then import it to your home.
Please refer to the Scripting Guide under:


We wrote a script for adjusting Line Thickness. It is a primitive script but we’re using often. If you still need this you can send me email. I’ll be happy to share you.

Best regards