Line thickness not changed, when I resize vector object

I created a character with vector tools.
Now I need to resize it, but when I change the size, line thickness does not change…

I think, perhaps, more information is needed.

While in the Vector Layer, did you use the Pencil Tool or Pain Brush?

If the Pencil Tool was used, did you manually change the size with no result? The PENCIL thickness doesn’t automatically change when you resize an object with the selector/cutter tool.

This might help as well

The section with Line Thickness explains how the thickness is displayed in the camera view.

Perfectly understandable.
Your English is actually pretty good.

Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity yet to learn Chinese, if I am even capable of learning it.

I may have assumed too much that the person asking the question had already scaled the image but thought that the lines were still to thin. This shows me again the danger when I make assumptions.

you misunderstand the original poster asked question.

I didn’t reply you in detail where is wrong, because I’m not good at English.
Why don’t we discuss in Chinese? !

the original poster question is in vector tools painting a character, outline is also a pencil line, but if you scaling of character, the outline pencil lines not proportionally scaling!

So my solution is the character convert to a symbol, when such scaling symbol again, the outline pencil lines of the character will proportionally scaling!

no,you are wrong.

To scale pencil lines, the only way that I have found that actually scales and doesn’t just thicken or involve a conversion and losing something in the process is to use the scale editing fields in the Coordinates and Control Points window.

You can scale brush lines simply by dragging with the selection tool.

Generally if you say someone is wrong, it’s good manners to explain why you think that; or give a counter-argument.

Symbols in Harmony are just containers like groups. If you want to resize elements together you can use symbols or pegs (multiple cables coming from the same peg; layer pegs for an element if needed.)

Symbols are mainly efficient when you have elements that need to move in unison and never deviate from each other such as a tattoo on an arm or a nose on the face; by that I mean where the positioning relationship between two or more elements never changes. If they do - you are better off using pegs to do it.

You can also change pencil line thickness by selecting the line and moving the size sliders in the tool properties window but this won’t work if they are already different line widths as they will all be changed to the same line width. You would need to do it in multiple passes selecting lines of similar line width for each pass.

The beauty of using the Coordinates and Control Points scaling editor is that it is true scaling. It resizes everything proportionally while retaining all of the nuances created with pressure sensitive pencils.

I could not get any result by changing the scaling editor in the Layer Properties window. I don’t know what might have been the problem but it did not even lengthen the lines (which happens when you try and drag a selection). The art filling did not scale either.

I have a solution for your software question!
You need create object to symbol, then you resize object, the line thickness will resize,too!
try it!


Symbols have nothing to do with line thickness. If you mean to imply that resizing a bitmap will also scale the line thickness along with the bitmap, I don’t think that this is what the original poster is referring to.

For vector images, there are line thickness scaling methods available from the layer properties’ “Advanced” tab. You can scale proportionally, by a constant amount, using minimum/maximum values… but your line art needs to be drawn using Pencil lines in order to take advantage of these techniques.


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