Line thickness modification on muliple drawings

I just make a drawing and i cut it with the cutter tool, after that i create a serie of different layers linked all in a peg in order to create a puppet. Everything is ok but the line is too fine and i want to modify it. I’ m wonder if exist a tip to modify the line thickness at once on multiple drawings. Thanks

In Camera View window:

  1. Select the Pencil Editor tool from the Tool Bar or from top menu bar => Drawing => Tools
  2. In Timeline select the Parent Peg
  3. Having the character in full view within the Camera View window drag the mouse cursor with the Marquee or Lasso of the Pencil Editor tool to select all of the parts.
  4. Open Tool Properties
  5. While the objects are all selected adjust the Maximum Size setting under Operations and the line will update in real time.

Ok! Thank you very much