Line thickness consistency

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I believe I asked the same question some years ago, but I am not able to find it on these forums.

I am using TB Animate Pro 2, and I’m wondering how to have the lines I draw preserve the thickness I set regardless of zooming in/out.

For example, I have a character in the middle of the screen. I want to zoom in to his head, but have the lines of the character not enlarge but be the same as when he is shown completely.

I believe this feature was used in The Simpsons Movie. How can I do it in TBAP?

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Go to layerproperties shift+E with actual layer selected.(You can also rightclick on the layers name in left part of the timeline and choose layerproperties)

Go to advanced tab. Make sure to cheque all three boxes under Line thickness.
Leave proportional to 1 if you are content with the line thickness as is, if not you can adjust by changing the value.

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Draw with Pencil lines and then go in the Layer’s properties like Ivar mentioned.
I would however turn off the Zoom Independant thickness and rather add a function to the Proportional parameter so that I can control exactly the amount of thickness over time.

If you have multiple layers that you want to affect all with the same change, for example the eye, the nose and the head layers, then you can connect all 3 layers to the same function column.

So it only works with pencil lines? I tried setting the functions as you said, but it looks the same.

Did you check in the Render view? It’s an effect so you won’t see it in the OpenGL view of camera.

Yes, looks the same in the render view. I’m using brush.

If you did Brush lines then you have to select the lines>Drawing> Create Color Art from Line Art. You have to do this because it needs to have a center stroke for the lines. When it’s a pencil line it has it automatically but if it’s a Brush there is no center stroke so it uses instead the one create in the Color Art.

The result with Brush lines is not as good as with pencil lines especially if you had scanned the drawings because the color art created is not as perfectly in the center of the brush. At the intersections for example creates some strange center lines.