Line separating issues...

I’m trying to do something really basic but in Animate Pro 2 is proving really frustrating…
I’ve drawn some square shaped chairs with the line tool, coloured them, now I want to remove the outline on everything but the legs and the top edge of the chair. I’ve flattened the artwork but I just can’t separate parts of the line work. I’m even using the middle mouse to separate bits to no avail.
Here’s a screen grab:]
Any suggestions for how to go about this?

Use the contour editor to select and delete the lines you want to remove.

Thanks James but that doesn’t solve the problem of isolating lines to recolour them. Even when lines aren’t touching each other I still can’t isolate them for recolouring.
See screen grab:
<img src=“”"><img src=“”

You second picture doesn’t work (your first works fine despite the fact photobucket says it doesn’t!)

But I can see your problem. My easy workaround would be to just duplicate the layer and delete everything but the line you want a different colour then paste it back onto the drawing.

You might be able to do this with the advanced art options. I don’t use them so I don’t know much about them. Lilly i am sure will be able to say if it can be done that way. I know Alex who uses that so maybe he knows.

As an aside have you considered just using tone or highlight instead. To me that seems a much more natural way of doing it.

Thanks James but I’d still have trouble extricating the line from the layer.
If anyone can shed any light via line art/colour art techniques please go ahead.

Their is a technique that involves setting the stroke to 0.

I made this quick video to give you an idea of how I would do it, not that it is necessarily the right WAY or the only way to do it but that is how I would do it.::slight_smile:

Also, when selecting lines try to hold down ALT and it will give a bit more precision.

Here take a look at this thread;action=display;threadid=1633;start=msg7404#msg7404

Hey Alex, That’s awesome. Thanks for going to the trouble mate.
But yours works differently to mine.
Even if I just select the top line the lines of the legs of the chair also become selected. I can’t isolate them even though I’ve flattened the artwork.
Here’s a grab that I hope works:
I hope this bug is fixed in future versions.

you welcome, You should try cutting that selection and paste it on to a new layer, see if you can Cut each piece individually and paste back on to the original layer 1 at a time.

Or maybe do the drawing all over again, shouldn’t be to big of a deal since it is a fairly simple drawing.

what did you use to create those lines? their might be a line, stroke or something attaching the top and bottom pieces.

Nope. That didn’t fix it. The lines remain linked no matter what.
Yep I’ll just draw it again I think.

I still think you use tone/highlight instead :slight_smile:

How do you mean?


Simple question… Are the lines grouped or maybe inside a Symbol?

Seems like a group issue.
Once you have your entire selection, try Edit > Group > Ungroup.


Hi Marie-Eve,
Sorry for late response.
Doh-it was grouped!
What a doofus I feel… :-<br />Thanks for your genius yet again!

I forgot to reply what I mean.

If you use the highlight effect with with blur setting as low as possible you can create the exact same thing but you have more control over it.

Have a look on my youtube channel at the highlight/tone tutorial. I think I explain really well and quickly there.

Thanks James. I’ll give it a look.