Line Scale

Hi all,

I have been using TBS for a few months now and enjoy the software immensely. My question pertains to line scaling. Is it possible to scale down an item (ie door) without the lines remaining at the original size? I’ve drawn background items such as trees and when I shrink these down ready for placement in the scene, the lines (which make up the object) are too big.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

this was one of the wishes for the next release. look in the ‘suggestions for tbs’ section.

but the lines are scaling, too. i’m currently not at a machine with tbs installed, i’ll check it at home.

Thanks for the update Gester. I’ve actually discovered a handy technique.

First of all, line thickness will shrink to scale if the brush tool is used.

Secondly, if the line, circle or square tools are used, these can be resized to whatever thickness you require by simply selecting and then changing pen min & max size in the properties window.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for taking the time to post.

I’ve read this type of discussion on scaling before and I understand that some people have this on their future wish list, no offense Rob. But, the way that brush lines scale in the z direction is a simulation of physical reality and isn’t a bug or arbitrary choice in the software design. It is in fact a requirement of any animation software providing a replacement for what would optically occur. I’m not trying to create an argument, but rather just pointing out a reality, if you got your wish, the results would be negative and the work would suffer. -JK

i was referring to a real project situation where i had a train coming from far away. one of the next projects include a fist blow from the far, the victim being in 1st person’s view.

starting the zooming out from the near winds up in almost unrecognizable thin strokes in the scaled far distance, starting from the middle in both directions brings the way too thick strokes in the next distance.
the strokes may scale right for small distance ranges, but for extreme ranges the scaling renders this feature unusable.

it’s not a usual situation, i must admit, but i have nevertheless to find a workaround for extreme scalings using the brushes.

Perhaps you are trying to stretch tweening to far and must fall back on a more traditional approach requiring additional drawings. -JK

lol, i am always drawing everything, and one time i wanted to use an app help with the scaling feature :slight_smile: but to no avail :wink:
and yes, i tried to do the scaling all the way down…