Line Freezing at start


I work on a wacom cintiq 13hd touch and when I want to draw in storyboard pro I encounter a weird lagging issue.
When I begin my line, there’s like a very short time of freezing before my line is well drawned. Here is a screenshot, it should be more explicit.
Do you have any idea where this problem comes from ?

My system :
I7 - 4770 3.4GHz
RAM 8 Go
GPU NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970

All my wacom drivers are updated, I tried to calibrate my tablet for StoryboardPro specifically, and everything, so I’m out of ideas guys :frowning:

EDIT : I tried with other app using my tablet such as Sketchbook or Photoshop and there is any problem…

Hi, the problem is really frustrating, it happens to me when I draw faster. Try to update the graphics driver.

Here is another thread talking about the same problem, it offers some advice in the wacom settings, hope it helps: