Line Drag

I used to be able to Shift+click to create and drag straight lines at any angle with the brush tool. It changed to only draw straight lines on only 90 degree angles. The alt+shift+click kinda works, but when I backtrack it locks my line and can no longer drag. I want to be able to shift click for straight lines at any angle again. Any solution?

Sorry, I’m not sure on that one. I haven’t used 17 too much but I’ll let you know if I find a fix

Im on Harmony 17. Any way to revert the version back to 16?


What version and edition of Harmony are you using? I know the brush shortcuts changed a bit between v14 and v16. I’m currently on Harmony 16 Premium and the Shift+click does allow the straight lines in any direction.


@Chucky if you update to Harmony 17.0.1 (which we recommend) I do believe that you will find that the functionality you were looking for was moved to Shift+Alt, rather than just Shift.

If you really want the old inputs back, we have an optional script called “ToggleStraightLineShortcuts” available for Harmony 17.0.1 that will restore the functionality of just using the Shift button.

If you’d like the script or would like more information, please see the top of the “Enhancements” list of our Harmony 17.0.1 release notes here:

Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the file, but what do I do with it now?

Edit: Nvm, I figured it out. Thanks! Also, what is the name of this shortcut? The function is back, but I want to SHIFT click instead of ALT+Shift.

Hello Chucky,

By “downloaded the file” do you mean the patch, the script in the release notes or both?

In Harmony 17.0.1 the ALT+Shift shortcut is the way to do what you are looking for unless you install and enable the “ToggleStraightLineShortcuts” script contained within the release notes that I linked in my previous post. Once installed and enabled (you can enable scripts through the scripting toolbar) I do believe it should change the functionality back to just Shift+click.

If you need more help with scripts or anything else regarding our software, I highly suggest joining our super helpful Discord community, which you can find here:

Hope this helps with everything!