Line/brush global editing

Hi there,

Just putting in my request for future versions of Animate Pro -

It would be so fantastic if, like colour swatches, you could edit the line/brush stroke AFTER a drawing or sequence of drawings is/are completed.

This is easily done in Flash and I’m surprised it’s not possible in Animate Pro. If everything is vectorised I’d have thought it was a cinch to do so or am I missing something?

Love the product still!



I second this. I thought I remembered being able to do this in TB studio, but maybe I’m mistaken. I have not found a way to make this work in TBA however. It seems like it should be really simple, like selecting the drawing and just changing the stroke width, but it doesn’t work…

anyone else get this to work?

Well you can do this, but it depends on what kind of a line you have.

If you draw with pencil lines, then it’s as simple as selecting the pencil lines with the select tool. In the tool properties window, there is a section for “Pencil Selection” where you can adjust the thickness of the line by using the slider or inputting a number.

If you draw with brush strokes, then the thickness is not even throughout the line, and that’s why you can’t just adjust the whole line at once like you can with the pencil tool. The way to adjust it in this case would be to use the contour editor, which would take more time.

If you know you’re going to want to adjust the line thickness a lot, then go ahead and draw using the pencil tool. Later on you can always convert from pencil lines to brush strokes to adjust variable line thickness.

Thanks for that LillyV.

I wonder if there is an edit multiple frames feature as in flash?

I can’t seem to find it…