line art to Color art problem

Am having a random issue. When I create my line art to color art, the strokes created appear really bizzare, they don’t look like the strokes in the line art layer.
is there a setting causing this? because it only happens on some of my drawings.

The use of the Eraser with Blur Parameters (Tool Properties) activated can give unpredictable results when using Create Color Art from Line Art.
This also seems to be the case connecting drawings to cutters/masks, when Eraser with Blur Parameters activated is used.


If you convert from Pencil lines to color art they will be more identical.

If you converted from Brush lines then it has to try to find the center of that area. If your brush lines are thick, the junctions will become like a triangle and it will try to guess what is the center of that shape.

Normally the color fill falls under the line art so it’s not an issue but if you want to use the line thickness adjustment in the element module then it would look better with the Pencil lines.

Is this the case for you, Ross? You can always send the problem file in to for them to have a look.