line art/colour art switch

I have searched in the User Guide and in the forums without finding an answer to my problem.

I am using Animate 2. I want to be able to make corrections to line art only in a drawing. I have already checked “Use Advanced Art Tools” in the preferences. I have selected “current drawing on top” in the Camera View tools.

Yet when I attempt to erase a piece of line art first selecting the “Line Art Only” button, the adjacent colour art is also erased. It would be very useful if this tool worked correctly. The way it works now, every time I need to make corrections to line art I windup having to replace erased colour. If that colour fill is a gradient, it means I have several steps to go through before I have everything fixed.

Any ideas or suggestions for how to properly use this feature?

Are you sure the line art and the colour art are confined to their respective layers?

The best way you’re going to be able to make sure that you’re working on the right layer is to use the Drawing View, since the Drawing View isolates only the current drawing.

If you go in the Drawing View, making sure that the Preview mode is off, you’ll also be able to verify that you did indeed separate out the lines and the colour.

The software doesn’t separate out the lines and the colour for you. In other words, if you started out just drawing everything without Advanced Art mode on, then you switched to Advanced Art mode, then probably all your lines and fills are all in the Line Art layer.


This is the forum for Animate. The Harmony forum would have been
a better choice to ask this in.

In the Camera View, you have icons under the eyeball icon “L” and “C”
which are for the line art and colour art layers respectively. Click ether to
see what’s on that layer. Clicking the eyeball icon will show the combined

If you’re asking about the Image Switch, it is a node available only in
Harmony premium and used on the Node view. To access it type “Image-Switch”
in the search bar of the Node Library window.


I am having the same problem here, where is the option to make sure these are confined to their respective layers? I am using Harmony 15.