Line art and Colour art synchro

Hello everyone. This is my first post on your forum. I hope u ll help me with my problem.
I have a character in AP 2 and after rigging i have some parts of it in colour art layer and some in line art. Now i want to decrease the size of my character, and when i do it, parts from colour art layer dont move with other parts. Is it possible to connect this layers to transform together?

I want to decrease it permanently not only animate it.

Thanks for help.

btw. Your forum sercher doesnt work, or i cant use it :slight_smile:

I think you can try to use the Reposition All Drawings tool.
You find it by click-hold the Select Tool.
This should transform all the drawings on the actual drawing element with its under layers.
If you just want to change one drawing, you can duplicate the element by right clicking in the blue highlighted namefield in the timeline and choose Duplicate Selected Layers. Then delete the other drawings in the duplicated layer before using the Reposition All Drawings tool.
Later you just copy/paste the new drawing from the timeline cell to any new cell in any drawing element. ( must be drawing element, not peg, image, etc.)
(You can of course use the latest described method to copy/paste instead of the above described Duplicate Selected Layers.)
Hope this solves your problem.

Best regards


Thanks for answer Ivar, but unfortunetly it doesnt solve my problem.

I have character in many layers. hand in one , head in the second etc, so i cant use reposition all drawing tool. The parts in the colour art are clones of some parts, made to patches the elbows and knees.

I made my character too big and now i want to decrease her all. Dont have an idea how to do this :frowning:

edit: I found the option to make all character smaller. I did this by perspective view and top and side view, moving master peg forward and backward camera.
It works but i am not sure is it technically proper. I f somebody has other idea how to do this tell me :smiley:

Just to make clear.
The method explained above will change the actual drawing.( As I understood was what you wanted ?)
You may have to reposition drawings one by one and reset pivots for your rigg after scaling the actual drawings.

You can also change the size of the whole character by turning of the animate button in the cameraview. And then use the transform tool(animation part of toolbar).
This will not change the drawings just scale the character/selected layers in the scene(Only works if animation is turned of and no keyframes set.).
When you turn on the animate button again you can animate the character.

If you have already started animating, make a copy of your character and remove animation keyframes… No better Go watch the videotutorial tutorial pack 9 chapter 55 Creating templates:

It will explain how to store your rigged character in a smart way.
So you later can import it to any scene and there scale it to wanted size if needed.- See tutorial pack 10 chapter 60 Importing symbols and templates.
The tutorials are good way to find all the possibilities in the software.
The TB software is in some ways quite different from others wich can be frustrating in the beginning, but also very rewarding as you find your way. I see in the forums that also others complain about the search function is not working for the moment.

Best regards

Thanks Ivar, the method with turn of animate and use transform tool is exactly what i needed :slight_smile:
I also find other way (i describe it in previous post).
I know tutorials and i am in chapter 11 right now. Some of them watched few times, but still it s a lot of knowledge to digest, and sometimes i need help from good people like You :smiley:

Problem solved :wink: