Line art and color art - updating


If you have made made a clean drawing as line art and added a color art layer to it.
If you change the line art drawing you want the colorart drawing to update.
I havent really find a good way to do that.

Anyone knows how that works best.

/ Mattias

Q&A one:
If you are not with Contour Editor to edit, “Apply to line and colour art” function will no work.
so you need repaint those objects.

Q&A two:
when you repaint to multiple drawings, you need click “Apply to Multiple Drawings” button in tool properties view, or press shortcut “Alt+A”. and then, press “*” in keyboard to “create colour art from line art” function multiple drawings at once.
and, press “Alt+A” again, click Paint tool to painted multiple drawings at once.

I understood and drew the three separate images on the same drawing layer.

That is odd that it doesn’t work for you.

I still have yet to revisit what I was experiencing in #2. It was late. I might have done something wrong. I know at one tine I accidentally had Auto-Apply selected and it was repeating the clone and duplicate functions each time I clicked on a drawing. I turned it off when I realized it was on and started over but…

I have to get friendly with these tool and I guess it will work well.

A few more other things on same subject.

  1. How can I make a whole layer into color art. I tried selecting all images and press shortcut * but it did not work so I had to go one by one.

  2. If I want have an already finished image with Line and color art and want to copy paste something…
    I tried this but did not manage to get both the Line and color in the process.
    I used the select tool and selected that spec part and press “create color art fromn line art”- button.
    I did make a color art but all ohter color art on that image was removed.

Any good ideas on how to solve these problems?

I tried both of those. The first I think I was able to get the desired result.

  1. I drew three ellipses, filled them, selected all three at the same time then selected Create Colour Art from Line Art navigating to it from the top menu bar. I checked by selecting the Colour Art layer from the buttons at the bottom of the Drawing View window and all three showed the blue lines indicating they had colour art.

  2. The second I had trouble with. There were some very unexpected things going on. It is 2:00am here and I am going to have to experiment with this one tomorrow. What I observed was that copies behave very different than originals. If I created colour art from a copy the line produced colour art for the line but not the fill. This happened even if I grouped the line and fill first. Also if I was able to produce colour art and I moved the color art to a different location on screen it would produce a copy. Having moved a copy 6 times I had 7 objects on the screen. Very strange. Could be a side effect of my system not meeting minimum requirements but I would expect failure of a process to work or slow functionality not completely wacky behavior.

I will work on this Thursday.

Can´t make 1. work the way you say.
I am not refering to three different images in the same frame: I refer to layer with 6 separate images.

/ Mattias

Enable “Apply To Line and Colour Art” using the button in the Tool Properties window before changing the line art and everything will respond to the changes appropriately.

I tried this and it does not seem to work.

I used the perspective tool and selected “apply to line and color art” and changed the line art but the colorlines did not update.

Do you have to do it in a spec way to make it work?

It works for me.

I draw a freehand circle, fill it with a colour, select it with the Perspective Tool, click on Apply to Line and Colour Art, manipulate the drawing and everything is effected as one single form.

Same is true if I add a step Create Colour Art From Line Art before filling the form with a colour.