Limiting AAF export to 24 tracks


We’re trying to get an existing animatic out of ToonBoom and into Avid Media Composer. The AAF route seems to work fine, except that the generated AAF has 28 tracks, whereas Media Composer 8.1 only supports a maximum of 24 tracks. Because there are 28 tracks, I can’t get into the sequence in Media Composer at all.

In Storyboard Pro (4.1), is there any way of limiting or squishing the output to the AAF so that it’s restricted to only 24 tracks? In an ideal world I’d love to get two AAFs, one with the first 24 tracks, the second with the final 4 tracks… is there any way to do this? Or is there any other workaround for it?



If the tracks are the layers of SBP you could try merging some layers so there are less of them (in a copy of the project for export to AAF if you wish to keep them separate in the original version of the project)