Limited Groups in a Single Drawing Layer (Butterfly Tutorial problem)

  • Sorry I re-post it here, I thinks it makes more sense in this forum category.


    I’m having some trouble doing the Butterfly tutorial from the Chapter 2 “Creating your own animation” (Getting Started Guide). The problem I think is that Animate loses the previous drawing groups when you add a new one. Let me explain a little bit better:

    I draw the wing, using a main rectangle and then circles for decorate the wing. Then I grouped the whole wing (main shape + decoration circles). After this I copy and paste the wing. Now I have two wings in the same Drawing layer.

    Later I draw the body of the butterfly (that looks like an ant for me) using a oval for the main body, a circle for the head, two lines for the ants and four lines for the legs. After this I group all the butterfly’s body pieces together.

    The problem comes now, when I click one of the wings, they are not grouped anymore, it seems like Animate forgot the previous drawing groups.

    Can only exist limited groups in a single Drawing Layer? or you have to use multiple layers to workaround this?

    Thanks and hopefully somebody has noticed this problem too.

Hi,I was not yet able to reproduce the grouping issue you are having so far so if you do manage to reproduce this easily let us know the steps to follow. As for the tutorial itself, you should be making a different element for each wing, this will allow you to have more flexibility during the animating of the wings as you will be able to manipulate them independently, avoiding to have to redraw the butterfly by simply scaling and moving each wings.Best regards,Ugo