Limited Groups in a Single Drawing Layer (Butterfly Tutorial problem)


I’m having some trouble doing the Butterfly tutorial from the Chapter 2 “Creating your own animation” (Getting Started Guide). The problem I think is that Animate loses the previous drawing groups when you add a new one. Let me explain a little bit better:

I draw the wing, using a main rectangle and then circles for decorate the wing. Then I grouped the whole wing (main shape + decoration circles). After this I copy and paste the wing. Now I have two wings in the same Drawing layer.

Later I draw the body of the butterfly (that looks like an ant for me) using a oval for the main body, a circle for the head, two lines for the ants and four lines for the legs. After this I group all the butterfly’s body pieces together.

The problem comes now, when I click one of the wings, they are not grouped anymore, it seems like Animate forgot the previous drawing groups.

Can only exist limited groups in a single Drawing Layer? or you have to use multiple layers to workaround this?

Thanks and hopefully somebody has noticed this problem too.

Hi,You can follow up on this issue here:;action=display;threadid=1073Regards,Ugo