Limited default palette

Just started new Animate Pro 2 and can only see 6 colours in the default palette. One is called Vectorized line. Can’t seem to find palette similar to what I had in Animate 2. Is this correct or did I not download all that I needed?

I can do that.

Thanks, Lilly.

I think you should make this the default in standard too.

I used to always delete the palette and start again as the first thing I would do.

That’s correct. In Animate Pro, they assume that you are going to follow a workflow more akin to a professional studio. What they would do in a studio is they would create a new palette that contains only the colours that they need to use for that particular character, prop, or background. They would delete all non-essential colours.

So Animate Pro only has a small default palette of 5 colours to get you started, and you should create your own colours.