Limitations in PLE

I have ToonBoom Animate PLE, can someone point me to a document that lists all the restrictions to the software please?

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PS. Can somebody list the effects in Animate Pro, please, I need to create realistic “snow” in my animation, does Pro include Particle FX???

Please check the following links out:

As far as I know the Animate PLE restrictions are a “ToonBoom watermark”,
a limited export resolution and no file compatibility from the “PLE” to the full version…
(it might be possible to open “full version” files in the “PLE-version”…?)

I guess, no “particle-engine” like many of the 3D packages have…
but one can create very beautiful effects, e.g. like snow, haze, rain, water-ripples… etc.
(this was et least possible in the former “Digital Pro and PLE version”)

Maybe, some of these FX-Templates might still work with Animate (Pro)…?


Also, it is explained in the PLE download page at