limit zoom shortcuts to only affect stage

I would love to be able to limit the zoom shortcut function to affect the stage alone. I don’t want the timeline to expand when I press the shortcut key. Seems minor but it drives me crazy. ;D

There is a setting in the preferences - “focus on mouse enter” or something along those lines that might aleviate this a little, but agree with you on this.

I think tb could tweak some little annoyances that slow you down when you are working in “fired up mode”. Small things like:

1. Let’s say you are working in layer one. Then you select layer 4 and you start drawing or coloring. After a few minutes you realize that although you selected layer 4, you are still in layer 1 cause frame 1 is still selected from that layer.

I thought I was the only one struggling with this but,
From watching Adam Phillips working in Animate in his live streams, I realized that he was having the same problem.

So in short- When you select a different layer, the selection should follow in the layer’s frame.

Yes, "focus on mouse enter"helps. I also stumble over the keyframe thing that you described. I try to discipline myself to select “lock all other layers” while I work, so that I at least realize I’m on the wrong layer before I’ve worked on it.
I agree with you, both problems are minor and might likely be fixed. (Overall, I freakin’ LOVE this program! ;D )

Agreed again, I too Love Animate like a son.