Limit a rotation

Hey everyone !

Does anyone know how can I limit the rotation of a Peg ?

Script ? Constraint ?



Nobody ?
An idea ?


You should utilize the software’s documentation.

Pretty much describes a Constraint.

Are you using Premium?

(The recent adjustments to the reCAPTCHA being used to screen posts here is preventing me from posting a link. You should read the section on Constraints in the documentation. If you Google “Toon Boom documentation” you can access an easily searched online version. It is found here (Harmony 15): Reference > Nodes / Layers > About Constraint Nodes.

Constraint does’nt work for limit the rotation of peg…
I think Scripting is the only way… :frowning:

I see reference to Pegs throughout the section on Constraints in the documentation. Where did you get the idea they don’t work with pegs? Would the Transform Limit Constraint work?

Yes I saw in the doc but in the soft reality, I manage to have kind of limit on my arm but the square around it shifts too much… it’s not pleasant for animators. I tried with constraint switch, it’s worth.
I think it’s too much stuff complicated for something easier in the others softwares…

I’m going to script it…


While I find Toon Boom’s use of properties windows with multiple fields sorely lacking effective utilization of what is possible with contemporary operating system interfaces, I would choose that over the use of scripts.

Please come back and share how you used scripts to solve your problem.

Thank you in advance.

I do not have any.

entrance sbo

I do not have any.

entrance sbo